Marathi Mandal Sacramento

मराठी पाऊल पडते पुढे

Sports Day 2011

नमस्कार मंडळी, Like past many years, this year's MMSAC Indoor sports event was fun, competitive, and was played in great spirit. It was a welcome sign that there were many more participants. Also the responsibilities were shared by the members who volunteered to coordinated the games (Sandeep, Atul, Ravi, Umesh, Uday, Ajit - Thanks Guys). Important observation was that the entire event completed in a very reasonable time due to these leaders good plan and coordination for each type of games. With "poatbhar" snacks and lots of Tilgul Ladoo and "Chaha", the games were even more enjoyable. You are welcome to send your feedback. Following are the winners. Table Tennis (Men) 1. Chinar Sheth 2. Nilesh Karnik Table Tennis (Women) 1. Pallavi Dhumal 2. Anjali Sheth Carrom 1. Ajit Natu 2. Suresh Patil Chess 1. Amey Natu 2. Yash Farooqui Congratulations to all the winners. Importantly thanks to all the participants, attendees who came to watch and volunteers for another great day of Sports in MMSAC history. Regards, Ajit Natu for Committee MMSAC 2011