Marathi Mandal Sacramento

मराठी पाऊल पडते पुढे

External Program Proposal Guidelines

Guidelines for the vendors:

1.     Send the proposal through an email to MMSac committee email address @  that clearly describes –

              a.     Who you are,

              b.     Brief description of the program

              c.     Flyer for the program – if available

              d.     Cost to MMSac – please provide details,

              e.     Exclusive for MMSac or Not Exclusive for MMSac ( a program that can be attended by MMSac audience ONLY is classified as “Exclusive for MMSac”)

              f.      Available dates and

              g.     Delivery approach (online or auditorium)

                      i.     If the program requires an auditorium, then please provide the details of specific needs from the auditorium/stage

              h.     Other information that you think will be useful for the committee

2.     Please send the proposal as early as possible

             a.     For programs that require an auditorium please send the email request at least 12 weeks in advance for the committee to review the programs logistics

                     including availability of auditorium

             b.     For programs that are on-line please send the email request at least 8 weeks in advance for the committee to review the programs logistics

3.     MMSac EC decision will be final and will be based on -

             a.     Rules and guidelines as specified in MMSac bylaws

             b.     Variety of from programs – we prefer to support programs that bring different types of art such as singing, drama, talk shows etc.

             c.      Quality and Cost – we may ask more detailed questions around cost, if needed

             d.     Alignment with MMSac hosted events

             e.     Variety in vendors – in order to provide an opportunity for different vendors, we will limit one program per vendor for the EC year (Feb, 1st through Jan 31st).

                     We will consider a second program from the vendor only under compelling reasons or lack of interest from other vendors.

4.     MMSac EC will respond back with “Interested or Not Interested” response - within 2 weeks from the time a proposal is received  

5.     MMSac EC may contact the vendor for additional information, if needed within those 2 weeks

6.     MMSac EC will do an written agreement with a the vendor through an email – the timelines of this agreement will vary based on the program and will be done no later

        than 4 weeks in advance of the program.


Exclusive Program for MMSac

1.     A program that can be attended by MMSac audience ONLY is classified as “Exclusive for MMSac”

2.     MMSac will drive the execution of the program including marketing on social media channels along with email – under the branding of MMSac program

3.     MMSac will bear the cost of auditorium and insurance, if applicable

4.     MMSac will pay the vendor the cost that they asked irrespective of P&L for MMSac

5.     This will be an MMSac hosted event – MMSac representative will Emcee the program, as needed



1.     A program that can be attended by an audience in addition to MMSac members is classified as “Non-Exclusive for MMSac”

        (MMSac member – Individuals who have paid membership dues for the EC year)

2.     MMSac will team up with the vendor and discuss marketing approach on social media channels

3.     Branding of the program or showing MMSac logo will be at the discretion of the vendor

4.     MMSac EC will send email and WhatsApp message, to MMSac community informing them about the availability of the program

5.     This will be a vendor hosted event – MMSac representative will have no responsibility to execute the program

6.     MMSac EC will buy a package from the vendor and provide exclusive program access to MMSac members – at no additional cost to MMSac members

7.     Individuals who are not MMSac members will be and should be able to purchase a ticket for the program directly from the vendor



These guidelines may change in future and will be made available on