Marathi Mandal Sacramento

मराठी पाऊल पडते पुढे

Member Advertisements

Genral Rules for email blasts on behalf of MMSac Members and/or other NPO's

  • Email blast request must be sent to MMSac EC by email at
  • Only one email blast per event and/or subject is permitted
  • Requesting member must be either performing at event or promoting the event (as business owner and/or partner) the event for which the email blast is being requested. 
  • Email blast will also include MMSac Logo and/or Logos from MMSac sponsors
  • Event should not be not conflicting with another MMSAC event
  • Email blast request should not be from a member who is also a MMSac Sponsor
  • Any MMSac member can request up to two free email blasts per year.
  • Any additional email blasts requests apart from the two free request will be available at $50 per email. (This excludes any email blasts related to life saving informations) 
  • MMSac reserves the right to accept or deny any email blast request