Marathi Mandal Sacramento

मराठी पाऊल पडते पुढे

Membership & Current Event Tickets


Membership Rules & Fees

Membership paid now will be valid till 31 Jan 2023.

Annual membership fee is $75 per adult, per year. Membership fee is non-refundable and non- transferable.

Please note that we will work very hard so that we do not have to charge any additional fees for MMSAC programs (excluding special programs), however we will assess that based on membership, donation and sponsorship contributions

Senior citizens (65 and above), kids (21 and under) directly related to members and adults above 21, who do not have a full-time job ( not applicable to the person with working spouse) and who wish to participate in the activities and are willing to volunteer and help, will not be charged separate membership fees

 MMSAC membership is not mandatory for Shala Student families, but we highly encourage those families to become members

Special Programs - Any additional fees for programs that are performed by artists/professionals where MMSAC has to pay any fees for their performance, will be assessed on their viability, interest in the community and budget


Payment methods

You can pay membership & event charges by these methods - PayPal or Check or Cash.

Please contact MMSAC Treasurer (Email: or Email Committee ( for any other questions related to membership payment methods.

1. Using PayPal:

Note - If you pay by PayPal, a PayPal service fee (per membership) will be added to your final amount. Use following form to make PayPal payments.

PayPal: Membership payment
First Name
Last Name
No. of Members
Total amount $


If you prefer to make PayPal payments using your mobile app, please make payments to "" and enter amount as the above Total Amount.

2. Using Check Payment

Please make your check payable to "MMSAC" and mail them to the following address:

Shilpa Joshi

ATTN - MMSAC Treasurer

636 Henry street

Folsom, CA 95630

Or handover personally to the treasurer (Shilpa Joshi) or any other EC members or onsite event sign-in registrar.

3. Using Cash

Please handover cash personally to the treasurer (Shilpa Joshi) or any other EC member or onsite event sign-in registrar.



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